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Memento Mori –
A Conversation With Mortality

Memento Mori – A Conversation With Mortality (2019, stone, steel, water) LAB has used glacial erratics, which take their name from the Latin word errare ‘to wander’. These 340 million year old stones were tumbled into spheres during bygone ice-ages. The boulders were deposited by the melting Irish Sea glacier at the foot of the Knockmealdown mountains in Ireland where the artist grew up.


Each of his stone sculptures has been hollowed out, exposing the ancient fossils which lie beneath their surface. If left in the landscape the hollow within the stone collects rainwater, creating a space for delicate pools of water to occur. A space for inward reflection and a moment for contemplation.


Initially polished to the highest sheen, then left to the elements, the stones stand solitary or in groups, where any acidity in the rainwater tarnishes the lustre and allows the work to continue to evolve.

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